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We offer bespoke, affordable services to businesses within the hospitality sector. We have a range of programs to fulfil your social media, marketing and business development needs. 

We optimise the opportunities surrounding your business, bringing you more by doing the work you don't have time to do.


Sometimes businesses don't need long term services. They have the time to execute their own social media, marketing and business development objectives. Sometimes they just need some assistance.

Charles Kate offer a consultancy service to offer that assistance .


Partners & Clients

Succeeding in hospitality is about people and businesses working together. Having a network of professionals covering all areas within hospitality is the greatest way to succeed.


Check out our network of partners and clients to see who we work with. 



Charles Kate delivers social media management, marketing and business development services to the hospitality industry. Our sole mission is to create a larger media exposure and to generate a greater income for our clients.

As a team we come from a hospitality background. Each of us are previous managers of pubs and/ or restaurants. This means that unlike many other marketing agencies - we understand the difficulties current business owners and managers within hospitality currently face. We understand the time and financial constraints many of us experience on a day to day basis.

Our job is to save you time by taking responsibility for certain aspects of your business. With our dedication and expertise we can generate greater income by increasing your social media presence, better media exposure and through our business development programs identify and optimise the opportunities right on the door step of your business.

At Charles Kate we do not believe in fancy words or expensive advertising campaigns. Its not realistic for our industry. Hospitality is about people, whether its your customers, staff or community as a whole. As an industry we are an integral part of society and as a society we offer each other many great opportunities to grow. Networking with others therefore is the way in which we like to help our clients grow.


Richmond, London​

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