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Improving poor trading periods.

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Business Development is about going out and getting the customers. Seizing the opportunities available to your business.

This can often be a time consuming process in an industry that has very little spare time. So at Charles Kate we do this for you.

We create the business development plan with you, then we execute that plan for you. Taking the pressure from your shoulders whilst generating greater long term income for your business.

Business development is about actively going out and finding new customers, building relationships with other organisations and building a greater presence among your local community. Even if you own a number of venues, every venue has its own specific needs and demands.

Our development programs cover your social media management, marketing objectives and physically bring work into your venue. Every plan is tailored to your business needs and ambitions.

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Business Development Plans

Marketing Plan

Social Media Plan

Identifying Poor trading periods & how to improve

Identify networking opportunities

Database Of useful numbers

Beneficial community initiatives

Events planning

Get A Business Development Plan - Then Execute It Yourself

Many of our clients have the time to execute their own business development objectives. They just don't know how to construct their plan.

In these circumstances we do it for you. Working with you we identify the direction you want your business to go in and which trading periods during the week you need improving.

We then construct your tailored business development plan which includes marketing opportunities, the names and numbers of those who can work with and identify and give you the tools to connect with potential customers.

We leave you with a step by step plan, with everything you need. To execute your business development plan and further progress your business.

Business development is your gateway to success...