Marketing: Doing it with us

Team Meeting

"Marketing is not about spending huge sums of money on something with very little traceable return. Its about optimising the opportunities that surround you" 



At Charles Kate we do not believe in a 'one fits all' approach that costs a fortune but provides very little in return. Instead we develop marketing strategies based upon your needs, budget and ambitions.

Marketing is not one action but a strategic plan involving a number of sustained actions. We design marketing plans to assist you in building sustainable growth and generating greater income for your business.

Because our team come from a hospitality background, we understand the challenges you face. Our marketing plans don't ask you to spend unnecessary money but instead we identify the opportunities to your business.

Our service is personable and bespoke to you. Our methods of marketing identify the most cost affective way that introduces your target market to your business.

We do this by using social media and marketing outlets relevant to you. We will connect you with the local community to help spread the message you are trying to send. Introducing your venue to people who want your offering.

For us; its about getting other people to buy into you and use them to spread your message. Competitions, local organisations and your own staff are very important in this.

The success of marketing relies upon having a successful network. At Charles Kate we create that network for you.

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"I remember hearing all these fake promises from marketing agencies. It sounded expensive and when I did use them, it was almost every time totally ineffective. I have no interest in my business or my team operating in this manor. we study and discover marketing opportunities for our clients and then execute them. free or next to free opportunities that is, within your venues local vicinity"

Liam Bignell: Charles Kate Associates