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Social Media: Making it work for you

Social Media: The Challenges
  • Having the time.
  • Knowing which platforms to use.
  • Knowing what to post.
  • Building a following.
  • How to engage with other users.
Solution: Charles Kate Associates
  • We have the time to do it for you.
  • Our expertise manage the right platforms for you.
  • We take all photography for you, organise all posts and build your following.
  • We engage with customers on your behalf.

Social Media is a crucial part of business and the hospitality industry is no different. It is the most direct online path to communicate with customers or potential customers.

Digital social media

How We Work:

  • We come to you to gather photo's, videos and information.​
  •  You give us access to your platforms. We then correct any issues with your social media and begin building your following.
  • A communications system is set up between us so that you can easily send any pictures/ videos/ information to us.
  • We now deliver high quality, engaging, daily content to your platforms, continue to build your following and engage with your customers.
  • We visit you every three months to gather fresh content and meet with you to discuss the progress we, together have made.